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Our thoughts and concerns go out to everyone that was affected by Hurricane Sandy. For a moment, let’s think beyond ourselves and the hobby of Michael Myers masks. Let’s consider those who endured this devastating superstorm and experienced loss in Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, the U.S. (including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland), and eastern Canada.

Now that we are on the other side of Halloween 2012, we hope that all of you are doing well.  Our members continue to contribute shots of their Michael Myers masks and costumes.

Nosferatu as Michael Myers from Rob Zombie’s Halloween II

ShapeInTheVoid with a shot of his N.A.G./JC 75K that looks just like the Hero mask from 1978

THCreeps as the classic Michael Myers

Holy Grail King as an updated version of Michael Myers

WhiteShark shows love for the great ending of the original HalloweeN II

Michael2481 with a HalloweeN II display

The Shape of Fear shares with us a sweet copy of the JTK, HalloweeN 1978 style

Macthewanderer and The Return of Michael Myers fresh out the box

New York Ripper with the Maniac

The lovely Kristina Klebe met Michael Myers (again) at the sCare Foundation’s recent Halloween Benefit in Los Angeles. The photo belongs to and was taken by Al Ortega

Lastly, Negative Craig sent in his contribution – it’s a one item dinner idea for frustrated lonely people. I told him that this was a thread about Michael Myers Masks, but he insisted. Here’s what he sent in