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Welcome to the season of the witch – the time devoted to our hobby. Since Christmas decorations are already on sale in many stores, it is up to us to protect the spirit of Halloween. We are Halloween’s most ardent and faithful keepers. Halloween is more than what we see or don’t see in the stores. Halloween transcends material and it encompasses feelings, memories and lifestyles.

Screen-used Halloween: H20 Michael Myers Mask from

Juicemaster310‘s N.A.G./Mayne Rarer

2005 Nightmare provided by D3cay

 LRSR_Mask as Michael Myers

Life-sized Michael Myers from Rob Zombie’s HalloweeN II made by fiend4life

Ken Hertlein/Dick Warlock Michael Myers courtesy of MacLeod

HalloweeN display by w34payton

Part of badnewskruse‘s collection

Now for October’s bonus material… The following members have shared with us some jaw-dropping, non-Michael Myers items and gear. “But I thought this website was ONLY for Michael Myers?!” Well, yes. Obviously, is concerned mainly with Michael Myers. But it is also true that many in our community are interested in all kinds of great masks and characters.

Captain Spaulding bust from slasher75

Thechief69 is Freddy Krueger

Mr.Sandman88 is BANE

Thank you to everyone!