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The first twenty 2012 Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers Masks have shipped! In an official statement from Chris Zephro of Trick or Treat Studios:

I had about 20 of them that I took from the factory to send to Universal Studios. As part of the contract, Universal gets 20 of each mask for promotional purposes, but they said that they could wait till August, so I shipped them out to customers in the order that the pre-orders were received.

Hang tight, the rest will be leaving real soon, like I said before, I expect to have them here in the warehouse within the next two weeks, than I have to inventory them into our system and out they will go, so you should start seeing them around late July / early August. Again, sorry for the delay, but we had a hell of a time getting camel hair, but don’t worry, we have everything we need and we’re hairing the masks now.

For the time being, here is a video that one of our members (auzorann) posted on YouTube for our viewing pleasure: