Original Michael Myers vs. Rob Zombie Michael Myers

For all of our Wrestling fans, Scared Stiff TV brings you “The battle of the century” – pitting the Original Michael Myers vs the Remake (Rob Zombie) Michael Myers in this Horror Wrestling Federation grudge match. Which Michael Myers will emerge as the winner and take the throne?

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  1. wowcomix says:

    XD That was awesome!

  2. mikyfan says:

    DonĀ“t mess with the original:D

  3. Original MIKEY
    No one could recreate.
    Nick castle
    Dick Warlock.

  4. Derrick Fish says:

    Respect for the performer as Original Michael mimicking a few very specific mannerisms from Halloween II (1980) such as the blind swing and the backwards flop after Loomis shot him immediately after coming back into the hospital.

    That said, this played WAY more like commentary on the films themselves rather then any kind of reasonable match of each versions abilities and strengths.

    The remake and it's sequel will NEVER match up to the original and IT'S sequel in my opinion, but I think THAT Michael would win in a fight. He's JUST as un-killable but is a LOT faster and more physically brutal. Not a commentary on the quality of the films, just a realistic measure of each Michael's abilities.

  5. jonnystyles says:

    I respect and appreciate Zombie’s take on a classic BUT seriously failed in so many areas. First off I understand what he was trying to get across which was if there was really a serial killer like Micheal Myers, this would have been his foundation life story. Failure with doing so is you humanize the character Michael Myers entirely too much. Next is evil never dies, He killed him off in the first one. Got talked back into doing a sequel, where he finally offed him for good. There’s no franchise with Zombie’s version and any attempt to do so will result in miserable failure, simple because the writers would be forced into going high and to the right with some sort of bad scifi voodoo of bringing him back to life. I did enjoy seeing a larger version of Myers, which I think Tyler Mane pulled off brilliantly. That younger version of though was the worst ever. Nobody wants to see a fat, slow, and wall-eyed kid that choked back a smile every time he cussed play the ultimate serial killer. They got it right in the first two from a younger Myer’s stand point. I would like to see a proper reboot done just for the fans and for better longevity for the franchise as well.

  6. Lexy Nicole Washington says:

    The original Halloween and all of its franchise are nearly traditional, if not fully. The original set off the unrealistic persona of Michael. The walking at stalker pace and always catching the victim, never seeing his face, never speaking, always mysterious

  7. Jason Sea says:

    Funny concept, and production execution was decent. Just wish they would've found an actual wrestling ring to do it in so they could've taken real bumps and got in a couple high spots. Boxing rings have no give, hence the low chokeslam. Only other thing aside from that is Original Michael is portrayed using a Resurrection mask. Ugh. While that's technically accurate, something closer to part 1 would've been awesome. Still funny though.

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