Paranormal Activity 3 contest: Free DVD packs!

Paranormal Activity 3 will be coming to theaters this Friday, October 21st. To celebrate this release, Paramount Pictures has provided Michael-Myers.net with two DVD sets of Paranormal Activity 1 & 2 for a giveaway! To enter, leave a comment below and tell us – how would Michael Myers deal with a paranormal spirit/ghost? Extra points for comedic responses!

The two best answers will be selected and each will be sent DVD packs of Paranormal Activity 1 & 2. The winner will be announced this Saturday (10/22).


UPDATE: The winners are 23michaelmyers and threat!

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  1. sirbrad says:

    He’d keep slashing his knife through it like at the end of H2, followed by tilting his head sideways then repeating.

  2. emacabre says:

    He’d realize michael bay must be directing and ruining another franchise lol

  3. ronster says:

    He would scare them away! Just one look into his face would have the ghosts scrambling to get away! (Mr. William Shatner, I think you’re great and all that, but you provided the puss that Michael Myers mask was modeled after and for that, congratulations! sir.) Michael Myers is a true ghost buster! Who you gonna call?! Michael Myers!! Ghost Buster!!

  4. godzillawilleatyou says:

    lol! i was about to say something similar to “ronster” untill the site crashed,,,
    but heres what would happen. Michael wouldnt have to, he’d scare them away. But, if he had to deal with them, he`d dress up like he did in H1 and pretend to be one of them, then WHAM go nuts and wield his knife around like a true maniac!

  5. 23michaelmyers says:

    he knew that justin beiber would be in the film and he has wanted to kill that little bitch with fibre wire and with the ghosts u would just use a vaccum cleaner then empty the ghosts into a freezer leave them there for 8 months and then he would throw the ice into a volcano and let them melt into hell

  6. Matthew Mayhem says:


  7. gunsnroses says:

    He would stalk the ghost because he’s Michael Myers and find out what it does and what it knows, and then he would go in for the kill. Either slash the ghost when he’s behind the little girls in the bathroom. He would sit up from the bath tub behind the ghost and BAM!! gone. He would probaly also not find any interest in the ghost so he would pretend that its Jason Deurulo, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber and then the carnage will attend (BADLY!!)

  8. threat says:

    Myers would just tell the ghost that Sheri Moon Zombie will be back for a sequel. That should scare anything away.

  9. krummy says:

    I think Michael would give them the silent treatment.

  10. havoc28 says:

    Michael wouldn’t have to deal with a paranormal/spirt ghost!! It would have to deal with him!!! He’s Michael Effing Myers!! He can never be one-upped!

  11. SkyShadow says:

    he would just tilt his head and be like whatever they dont scare me im pure evil
    or he could just use a vaccum cleaner and suck them all up

  12. kcmae7 says:

    likely smack the ghost, tilt his head slightly and watch blankly as the ghost started his walk of shame looking like it was just on the receiving end of a prison shower.. congrats, you just dropped the soap ghosty.

  13. krummy says:

    Michael would be completely dismissive of any paranormal spirit… unless that spirit happens to be hanging out with a white horse!

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