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What a great week it has been for the show. Not only on the great but now we also broadcast on! Hard work always pays off.

I was taken back when the speculations started about Halloween 3 getting a PG-13 rating then finding out the sad news for the Fright Night re-make bombing over the weekend. Start of the hour we had on good friend actor and producer Lito Velasco to help break down the box office bomb and talk about the Return of the Living Dead Documentary.

Matthew Martino stopped by to talk to me about his new film “Chainsaw Maidens from Hell 3D” Mathew talked about what film inspired this movie and why the use of 3D. He went over some of the hardships when it comes to making a movie and finding people to help finance it. A lot of insight and one anyone who is making a film should hear.

To wrap it all up Michael J had to be the fan boy he is and tell me why Apollo 18 will be better than Shark Night 3D at the box office. Went over why people shouldn’t get too upset with the hearsay about Halloween 3D. Mike gave his thoughts on a classic campy re-watch and went over his film. All of that, and much more here on Rabbit in Red Radio.

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