Rabbit in Red 59: Evil Dead remake, Christmas horror & more!

Rabbit in Red Radio – Episode #59


* Two hour show with a flu and sore throat, not a problem at all. Mike and I started the show off with the story line of the re-make of “Evil Dead”. Mike and I were not pleased with this story.

* I gave my view on why these re-makes still continue and what could be the only way for them to stop,*During the week I had a Q&A with the listeners of the show. I answered all the questions and gave insight into the last couple shows. After the break I played another voice mail. This one was from our number one fan Dan Chase. Mike and I answered Dan’s questions about “Cabin in the woods” and the new “Hostel 3” trailer that came out.

* I had to give an education lesson to some younger people who over think previews & had to tell Mike about my over flowing VHS collection and what most of those tapes were filled with. (22:41 minute mark new drop)

* Back from the break and I dive right into some of the more funnier Christmas Horror themed films through out the decades. Mike has to tell me that he feels Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is better than number 5 the toy maker. Going over some of these themed titles brings me back to both good and bad memories of wasted rentals at the video store as a kid.

* Back from the last half hour of the show I give you my personal top 3 Christmas Horror themed films. Granted, I know my number one can be questioned but this was my personal top 3. Mike and I go into what will be coming next week to the show.

Thank you for all of your support!



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