Rabbit in Red 59: Evil Dead remake, Christmas horror & more!

Rabbit in Red Radio – Episode #59


* Two hour show with a flu and sore throat, not a problem at all. Mike and I started the show off with the story line of the re-make of “Evil Dead”. Mike and I were not pleased with this story.

* I gave my view on why these re-makes still continue and what could be the only way for them to stop,*During the week I had a Q&A with the listeners of the show. I answered all the questions and gave insight into the last couple shows. After the break I played another voice mail. This one was from our number one fan Dan Chase. Mike and I answered Dan’s questions about “Cabin in the woods” and the new “Hostel 3” trailer that came out.

* I had to give an education lesson to some younger people who over think previews & had to tell Mike about my over flowing VHS collection and what most of those tapes were filled with. (22:41 minute mark new drop)

* Back from the break and I dive right into some of the more funnier Christmas Horror themed films through out the decades. Mike has to tell me that he feels Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is better than number 5 the toy maker. Going over some of these themed titles brings me back to both good and bad memories of wasted rentals at the video store as a kid.

* Back from the last half hour of the show I give you my personal top 3 Christmas Horror themed films. Granted, I know my number one can be questioned but this was my personal top 3. Mike and I go into what will be coming next week to the show.

Thank you for all of your support!



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  1. knowbody says:

    Black Christmas (1974) is my go-to film for the holidays.
    The remake is one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen of any genre.

    Keep up the good work, guys.

    BTW i have a gripe with the “horrible site.” i contributed a few movie reviews. However, i quickly realized that decent writing couldn’t compete against appalling grammar, made up stuff, items that weren’t newsworthy, and scandalous claims.
    That other site runs on nothing but cronyism.

  2. DonaldPleasenceFan says:

    Black Christmas is one of my favorites! I hope to have Rare Exports for Netflix this week. I’ve been wanting to check that out! BTW I picked up The Legend Of Boggy Creek on your recommendation. I’m hoping to get to it within the next few weeks. Thanks for listening! Glad you enjoy the show, and both Vince and I are glad to be done with the “horrible site” -Mike

  3. vaderreborn76 says:

    The original Black Christmas was a classic. There are those who like to bash it left and right. Mostly those younger more immature people on that other radio show. It’s because of people like them, why the majority of stuff that comes out today, is crap.

    Long live 70’s and 80’s Horror!!!!

  4. knowbody says:

    I’m super glad you were able to pick up Legend of Boggy creek. It was recommended to me by a good friend. It’s definitely an early horror film that makes use of the mockumentary style and is quasi-found footage.

    I made some of my younger cousins watch Black Christmas (’74). They later expressed that they found the movie to be slow. I really can’t blame them or anyone who finds it slow. They were brought up in the era of SAW. When someone tells me that they found a good movie to be slow, i just take it to mean that it had great suspense in it.

  5. DonaldPleasenceFan says:

    The 70s and 80s were awesome for horror and really took the genre in a different direction. I feel sorry for the younger generation mostly because they don’t understand what makes a movie like Black Christmas great. They’re all about blood and gore, and don’t realize that tension and suspense are what’s really scary. Thank you both for taking time to listen to the show, I’m glad you get it! -Mike

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