The Collector Mask

It’s not a Michael Myers mask, but it’s still something very cool and creepy. It’s the mask worn by The Man (a.k.a. The Collector) in the films The Collector (2009) and The Collection (2012). In these films, The Collector wears all black and he appears to have some sort of eye anomaly that makes his eyes reflect light in different … Continue reading

Trick or Treat Studios announces Halloween II Opening Scene Myers Mask

Many people have asked whether Trick or Treat Studios would be making a Michael Myers mask based on the opening scene of Halloween II (1981) or if that idea was even a possibility. Chris Zephro of TOTS has confirmed that his company will be producing a Michael Myers mask that is based on the look at the beginning of the … Continue reading

Dec 2013 Part 2: Michael Myers Masks

Returning for the second time this month is Featured Michael Myers Masks with more great contributions from the forum members. As we await the release of the Official Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20, and Halloween Resurrection masks by Trick or Treat Studios in 2014, you can pick up their accurate Halloween II mask for an unbeatable price if you haven’t … Continue reading

HalloweeN 35th Anniversary SteelBook, DigiBook, Standard Blu-rays

It’s been 35 years since Michael Myers and HalloweeN came out and Anchor Bay Entertainment has released John Carpenter’s classic film on Blu-ray once again. And this time they’ve also made available a Limited Edition Steel Book of this 35th anniversary version of HalloweeN. Unfortunately, the HalloweeN Steelbook is available only in the UK and the Blu-ray disc is region B. … Continue reading

Todd Farmer Speaks about HalloweeN 3D

Movie writer Todd Farmer appeared on a recent episode of the Rabbit in Red podcast. Rabbit in Red’s host, Vincent Paul, asked Farmer about HalloweeN 3D. Todd Farmer had written the script for HalloweeN 3D and it would have brought Michael Myers back to the big screen in 2011. However, Dimension Films/The Weinstein Company had imposed unreasonable constraints to the film’s … Continue reading

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