HalloweeN III Masks to be produced by Trick or Treat Studios

Hot off the press we have news that Trick or Treat Studios may have acquired the license to produce the masks from HalloweeN III. User “THEkiller1963” posted a message on the Michael-Myers.net forums of a screen grab where Trick or Treat Studios owner Chris Zephro is implying that they have gained the rights to produce the masks: Trick or Treat … Continue reading

Win the Official Halloween II Michael Myers Mask Prototype

Trick or Treat Studios is giving away the Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers Mask Prototype! In an effort to help spread the word and get this mask out in stores all over the country, a contest will be held to give the mask away. This is a true collectors piece as this mask signifies a new beginning of quality, affordable … Continue reading

Promo Code for Spirit Halloween Store!

We received a link we are able to share if any of you are looking to purchase a costume from Spirit Halloween Stores. Michael-Myers.net members receive 20% off any single item! This includes any halloween costumes, halloween masks, decorations and more. CLICK HERE for the link and for 20% off be sure to use the PROMO Code: SPAFF20


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