Tyler Mane calls in, Return to the Living Dead documentary

Rabbit in Red Radio – Episode #52 Hour One: * Mike reminded me of what the date October 5th means to him. Mike has to have some of the oddest tendencies I have ever witnessed. * Mike gives us his review of what sounds like a horrific film he watched on Netflix. * We went to the phones and Thommy … Continue reading

Exclusive: HALLOWEEN 3 Will Not Be Found Footage!

Well it turns out this is our 50th show being broadcasted on the horror web (Not including the awful blog talk radio). Since it is such a big show, Michael J picked a great guest. Malek Akkad himself calls in and gives us the long awaited true news and stopped the rumors that were out there. In the first half … Continue reading

Tommy Lee Wallace Interview

Over the winter I had the great pleasure of talking to Tommy Lee Wallace. This really is one of my top 3 favorite interviews I have ever done. Talking to Tommy didn’t feel like I was just doing a typical interview, it felt as if I was talking to a friend. Tommy talks about the creation of the Hero mask, … Continue reading


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