A Halloween Reboot SO Crazy It Could Actually Work

HALLOWEEN: Where Does The Franchise Go From Here? There has been a lot of talk of Halloween 3, or to be more accurate Halloween 3D. The biggest question has been, if it is going to be a follow up to Rob Zombies vision. They had a perfectly good script from what we were told, and after some financial issues placed … Continue reading

Alternate HalloweeN Scenes Exist (Part 1)

The HALLOWEEN film franchise has produced one of the most loyal fan bases ever witnessed in movie history.  We the fans watch these films repeatedly, enjoying and scrutinizing over each and every detail. What is unbeknownst to many fans is that a whole catalog of alternate cuts of these movies exists.   These alternate cuts often include entirely different scenes, different fates … Continue reading

Michael Bay may produce the next HalloweeN

In March, we reported that Michael Myers would not be returning to the big screen in the next HalloweeN film this year, as the film was given a “To Be Determined” release date. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Platinum Dunes is an emerging candidate to produce the next HalloweeN film, which was long been rumored to be in 3D. Platinum … Continue reading

Halloween Resurrection Review: Part One

Blog writers Jason and Mike continue their critical look at the Halloween films with Halloween Resurrection. A film so controversial it will have to be discussed in two parts. JASON: Halloween Resurrection is an example of a franchise running on empty. A creatively bankrupt cash grab by a producer who treated the series as his personal ATM. The film’s plot … Continue reading

HalloweeN 3D Postponed

Michael Myers will not be returning to the big screen this Halloween season. The unfortunate news today is that Dimension films has postponed HalloweeN 3D and the release is now “To Be Determined.” Rumor has it that HalloweeN is very high on the Dimension priority list – hopefully this means that they are going to put a lot of effort … Continue reading

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