Rabbit in Red Xmas! Dee Wallace Interview, H6 Ultimate Cut

Rabbit in Red Radio: Episode 60 Highlights: * It’s all about having fun this week! We had to take last week off but we do have the Dee Wallace interview we did last week on this show for you. * Rich (from the devilseyes.com) and Dan (Rabbit in Red’s first fan) joined us for the show. * We cover everything … Continue reading

Rabbit in Red 59: Evil Dead remake, Christmas horror & more!

Rabbit in Red Radio – Episode #59 Highlights: * Two hour show with a flu and sore throat, not a problem at all. Mike and I started the show off with the story line of the re-make of “Evil Dead”. Mike and I were not pleased with this story. * I gave my view on why these re-makes still continue … Continue reading

Rabbit in Red Radio: Sean Clark calls in, Walking Dead, Death Valley

Rabbit in Red Episode 58: We had a fun time here doing the show this week! Highlights: * I told everyone why I am the biggest dope in the world for an act I did while at work. * Mike and I go over if the Walking Dead is just that?  Why is it just slow moving in season 2? … Continue reading

Rabbit in Red Ep. 56: AJ Bowen, Horror News, Thanksgiving!

Rabbit in Red, Episode #56: Fan Scripts Suck Highlights: * We have AJ Bowen on the show this week. AJ, best known for his roles in “A Horrible Way to Die”, “Hatchet 2”, “The Signal” and many more. AJ is beyond cool. He is still the same guy he was when growing up in Georgia! * Mike and I go … Continue reading

Rabbit in Red Radio Episode 55

Rabbit in Red Radio Episode 55 * We are back after a week off and Mike fills me in why he couldn’t stand Paranormal Activity 3. I try to understand why some people love this series. * I give my thoughts on what the best “Found Footage” films are and which ones really gave that genre the better boost. * … Continue reading

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