Michael Myers Masks, July 2013

Enjoy these selected Michael Myers masks from our site members in the month of July. You know, there’s a sort of Halloween feel to these summer months because the last 4 Halloween films were released during the summer: Halloween H20, Halloween: Resurrection, and both of Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies. JC_70 Halloween II: neonfire92’s pal as Rob Zombie’s Michael Myers: MusicCityTN … Continue reading

Late June 2013 Michael Myers Masks

The season of Michael Myers, masks and Halloween is getting closer and closer but don’t let the summer pass you by as you wait for the autumn; be sure to enjoy the sunshine and the heat. TheShapeShifter NAG/JC 2K: Myers1978 Michael Myers mask collection: The Shape of Fear Hardin Halloween: H20 prototype mask: HalloweenFan86 H1 by NAG: martinpena94 Halloween II Killing … Continue reading

Michael Myers Masks: June 2013

Featured Michael Myers Masks returns in the month of June in response to some members saying that some great Halloween masks were overlooked during the past several weeks. The previous Michael Myers Masks post had a theme to it, so some other masks had to be left out. For those that like the summer season, well it’s here, no more … Continue reading

Michael Myers Mask Resembles David Bowie

I’ll be tackling a Michael Myers Resembles report that was brought to my attention by a big-time Halloween fan who wishes to be anonymous; since this is my first time doing one of these I thought I’d get the guy who invented this series of articles Knowbody to help me out. Valdus: Hey how’s it going son are you still … Continue reading

Crofader Screen Used HalloweeN 4 Michael Myers Mask

In the late 1980s, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger had reached the height of their mainstream success. However, in 1988, a slasher from the previous decade returned with a score to settle. His name was Michael Myers and his story was far from being over (even though he was left out of HalloweeN III: Season of the Witch). HalloweeN 4: The … Continue reading

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