Michael Myers Masks March 2014

Be sure you pre-order the great new Michael Myers Masks that Trick or Treat Studios is going to release later this year – just click here. Seeing the new masks that TOTS will be offering has made me more interested in this hobby than ever, I own some TOTS masks already, but I’m thinking of getting my first independent Michael … Continue reading

247°F with Scout Taylor Compton & Tyler Mane

This 2011 film reunites Laurie Strode and Michael Myers… which is to say that Scout Taylor-Compton and Tyler Mane, both from Rob Zombie’s HalloweeN movies, are co-stars in 247°F. Purportedly “based on true events,” 247°F has Scout play Jenna, a psychologically troubled young lady. In the past, Jenna lost her fiancé in a car wreck. Now, three years later, Jenna … Continue reading

Michael Myers Stabs & More at Halloween Expo 2014

The new HalloweeN and Michael Myers Masks previously announced by Trick or Treat Studios were presented at the end of January 2014 during the Halloween & Party Expo in Houston, Texas. We have seen the few photos of the upcoming HalloweeN II Opening Scene Myers Mask, Curse of Michael Myers Mask and H20 Myers Mask – all of which are … Continue reading

Feb. 2014 Michael Myers Masks

Here are Halloween and Michael Myers Masks for February 2014, in the thick of winter. I feel like moving to somewhere like Florida or the Tropics, but truth be told I would rather live through harsh cold and snow than go through hurricanes, tornadoes and torrential rains. Recent events on the forums have led to some drama and gojira going on a rampage about it but let us remember why … Continue reading

Fatal Call with Danielle Harris

Continuing our healthy fascination with HalloweeN star Danielle Harris is a review of another one of her recent films, Fatal Call from 2012. As we know, Danielle is beloved for her roles in such horror hits as Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Rob Zombie’s Halloween. But this time, Danielle gets to star in a movie from a different genre. Fatal … Continue reading

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