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When the “45 Day Revolution” came about a few years ago, I proposed a different take on it. My “7 Day Initiative” only had one member (me) as far as I could tell. The reason why I object to giving a seller 45 days to complete a transaction is because I believe the seller should already be prepared to ship what they sold you once you’ve paid them. If it’s not a piece that you’ve commissioned or an item that the seller told you would take a while to complete, the seller should have what they are selling in stock and ready to go. If sellers are willing to receive your money through paypal, they are obliged to follow through quickly (would you give an eBay seller 45 days to send out your item?).

To give the seller 45 days to get their act together is irresponsible of the buyer. Your money is at stake, be responsible for it. If the buyer lets the seller take 45 days to ship something, then the buyer is being too passive. What sort of message is the buyer giving to the seller? The message is that the seller can take lots of time to fulfill their end of the deal.

What typically transpires is 45 days of excuses from the seller. “Your mask got lost – but don’t worry I’m working on a replacement mask;” “I’ve been unable to work on your mask because my cat died, I contracted a rare, one in a billion chance disease and a martian spacecraft landed on my lawn.”

Simply put, buyers give sellers an indefinite deadline by waiting 45 days to open a dispute with paypal. Sellers get lazy when there are no concrete deadlines to meet. Some buyers believe that they don’t want to rush or annoy the maskmaker. We’re not talking rocket science here. The buyer, as a paying customer, has every right to ask as many questions as they want – before, during and after the transaction.

Recently, I’ve had to file paypal disputes within 7 days of payment because I received either shady communication or nothing but inventive excuses. One case worked out fine. The other involved a member here. If I hadn’t filed the dispute, I’d still be waiting for my mask. By filing the dispute, I gave the seller a definite deadline imposed by paypal: Either have my mask at my doorstep by a specific date or give me a full refund. (I did get my mask, by the way. He included acrylic eyes to make up for the delay).

If buyers were to step their game up, sellers would be forced to do so as well. It’s in our hands to change things. Use common sense; trust your mind and your gut (I know this is easier said than done for some of you). If you are fed even one excuse on a done deal, file a dispute. Only you can look after yourself in this hobby.

Part 1 is available here.