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Well my friends, I have just returned from the True Blood/Children’s Hospital fundraiser for cancer research and I don’t think I have ever had a nicer time. It’s rare when you get to meet a down-to-Earth celebrity and Joe Manganiello is one.

The event kicked off promptly at 8:00pm with a line half way around the building. If anyone thought that this was going to be a “small” gathering they were sadly mistaken. After waiting for a few minutes I made my way through the entrance where I was instantly in a meet and greet line, where Joe took the time to pose for photos and autographs with every attendee. I had wanted to get an autograph, but didn’t have the chance (or so I thought).

The highlight of the night was to watch the season finale and afterwards do a raffle for a couple of swag bags. At 9:00 the club fell silent and Joe did an intro about the upcoming episode, got the crowd going and then started the show.

The Season Finale of True Blood was really one of the best in the series and leaves with one hell of a cliff hanger. Since the shows inception I don’t think I have ever been more captivated by a series finale.

After the show ended, the raffle began. Of course there were the usual moan and groans when people missed by one number, but the outburst of joy from those winners far surpassed anything else. The raffle only lasted for about fifteen minutes and  then Joe dropped the news. Our little venue had raised over 15,000 dollars for Children’s Hospital.

When all was said and done, it was time to leave. Remember when I said I wanted an autograph? As we were leaving each and every person received an autographed picture for attending the event. Not a copy, but a real autograph. To me that really speaks to this mans character and Joe Manganiello will always be okay in my book.

Thank You to all who attended the event and showed your support through Facebook. You have made in a difference in many children’s lives.