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In this episode of Accurately Unstable:

  • We started off with my old co-host Rich Stile who is still running The Devil’s Eyes I asked Rich why he held onto Rabbit In Red podcast after I asked him not to do that.
  • We moved into our review of Tales of Halloween. We each give our reasons why it’s such a fun and festive film to most of our surprise.
  • I tell the guys what I did for a little over a year. Since October 11th of 2014 to October 27th of this year, I watched Halloween once a day. What did I learn? Do I still like it? I explained a couple benefits and what I appreciated more about the film after spending a long year with it.
  • After the break, Rich and Dan talk about their thoughts on the current season of the Walking Dead.
  • We go over what is this year’s line up for our own Halloween films we will be watching and why. We topped it off with some of the hits and misses from the Halloween franchise from 1978 to 2002.

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Disclaimer: Accurately Unstable is independently operated, and the episode content does not necessarily reflect the views of Episodes may contain strong language and are intended for mature audiences.