Danielle Harris Auctions Clothing for Charity

The former niece of Michael Myers from Halloween is auctioning off some of her famous clothing for charity. Danielle Harris, the sexy star of Rob Zombie’s Halloween has listed many clothing items on FeeBay with the hopes of raising funds for worthy causes. One item is the bra she wore for her photoshoot with IGN… oh c’mon, don’t act like you wouldn’t want to own that. There’s also clothing that she wore for the movie Fatal Call. Check out Danielle’s auctions at the links below or under the eBay username halloweengalharris.

Meanwhile, Serial_Killer_2000 has asked if the sweaty jockstrap worn by Random Party Guy stand-in #3 in The Legend of Mary Hatchet will be put up for sale, and the answer is “yuck” and “no,” Craig.

danielle harris clothing halloween 01


danielle harris clothing halloween 02


danielle harris clothing halloween 03


danielle harris clothing halloween 04 her bra


danielle harris clothing halloween 05


danielle harris clothing halloween 06


danielle harris clothing halloween 00

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