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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a site that focuses on our favorite white-masked character: Michael Myers. Anything and everything Michael Myers is what we cover, including Michael Myers masks, memorabilia, latest news, discussion articles, upcoming releases and more!

For years, independent mask makers have been creating their versions of our favorite stalker. With that said, I decided to create a site where fans of the film could look at and compare the various versions of the mask that are for sale or were previously for sale. Most of the masks in gallery were created by independent artists and are not available in stores.

The site has vastly grown since its initial creation. We have expanded significantly over the last several years and continue to grow. More recently we added a horror blog, downloads section and a store – where you can buy several different Halloween masks, including the Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers mask.

Can I Buy Michael Myers Masks In the Gallery? sells the Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers mask. We do not sell unofficial or replica masks – Check out the classifieds or eBay for more masks.

Who Owns and Runs

My name is Derek and I opened in 2000. I began my search in 1999 for a replica mask I could use on Halloween, but when I saw what was available in stores I turned to the internet. Back then there were only one or two web-sites that actually sold these types of masks. Since then, it has really exploded, as one can see there are a lot of choices in the Mask Gallery.

Where Can I Talk to Other Fans?

In the FORUM. Register a username and password, and then you will be able to post messages to other users.