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In this episode of Accurately Unstable:

  • We start off the show with a quest to have you vote for your favorite horror film of the past 40 plus years.
  • What has been missing in the slasher genre for a long time? We go over what I think a glaring omission for a lot of slasher films as of late.
  • Tony Todd will be in a new TV series this Summer called “Dead Of Summer”
  • On the other side, Dan gives his spoiler free review of 10 Cloverfield Lane. How it was a full 180 from the first one.
  • Why the hate for Batman V Superman before it came out?
  • Have comic book movies stopped using the stereo typical black guy characters?

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Disclaimer: Accurately Unstable is independently operated, and the episode content does not necessarily reflect the views of Episodes may contain strong language and are intended for mature audiences.