Halloween 3D: Todd Farmer talks about his departure

I have been racking my brain for the last couple of days about news of the Halloween 3 problems. I have skowered all over and today I have found some light. Todd has dropped some info on Halloween 3 and whats going on with the story. Here are Farmers words from a recent interview.

Todd’s outline for Halloween 3 was as follows:

 “Basically we opened at the end of Rob’s movie;
the whole first act is the end of Rob’s movie, at the end of which
Michael is killed. But instead of Scout stabbing Michael… Rob had
these visions and things, so we had it so that she thinks she’s killing
Michael, but it’s a vision and she’s actually been stabbing Loomis. And
then Michael puts the mask on her and she stumbles outside (as we see
in the theatrical version of ‘Halloween II’), and then when she takes
the mask off that’s when we’d switch to 3D. It would be flat until
then. Anyway, Laurie survives and is taken to a mental institution, and
then Michael returns, but it’s not Rob’s Michael that returns, it’s the
Shape – he stalks, he gets the original white mask back, and the
coveralls. So it’s still in Rob’s world, but with the Carpenter version
of Michael. And of course we had a great role for Tom Atkins; he’d be
playing the doctor of the hospital. And the whole time the TV in the
rec room would be playing the Silver Shamrock theme, and at one point
Atkins would walk by and yell (Farmer switches to a damn good Atkins
impression) “Turn that shit off!” And I’d keep my pants on this time.
Also, there was never anyone cast. Our intention was to bring his cast
back, but it never got that far. Scout may have seen an outline, but no
one was ever in negotiations, I’m certain no one was officially

Todd also goes on to say that “to much time has passed now to make this script work” and that “3D is not the way to go for a Halloween film”. When Todd was asked about the speculation on it being a found footage film, He said “There’s another slasher franchise that’s discussing found footage, I think that’s the one he was talking about, not ‘Halloween’. But again, if they’re no longer following Rob’s movie, then what DO you do? So I know found footage was brought up as an idea, but there were a bunch of things that were mentioned. I know I’m not a fan of doing Michael Myers with found footage, but that’s just me. I like found footage when I can go in and believe that it’s possibly real, like ‘Paranormal Activity’ or even ‘Blair Witch’. With Freddy or Michael or Jason, it seems harder to me – I know those guys aren’t real. Doesn’t mean it can’t be scary movie or even done well, if the right guy comes in with the right idea it could work.”

So it looks to me that nothing is set yet with Halloween 3. There is no script,no cast, no crew, no nothing at all. So throw out everything you have heard about the film, because it doesn’t mean squat. Now we all have to play the waiting game to see what happens. As for me, I will not write about this film again until I see shots of it being in production. I just can’t stand the headache of all this speculation.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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  1. slisica08 says:

    Todd’s synopsis kicks all sorts of ass. Wish the future script comes relatively close to that.

    Long live the Shape!!!

  2. dedguy666 says:

    ^^ I agree. Sounds pretty good actually.

  3. misfit says:

    Well thats a shame considering todd’s idea could have brought us out of the white trash hole that rob dug the series into

  4. thecurse says:

    I do like the outline Todd came up with. I think it would be interesting to see John’s Shape in this new world. I also agree that Halloween doesn’t need to jump on the 3D band wagon. That money could be put to infinitely better use on this project.

  5. ryn says:

    Man that outline sounded very promising. Shame it won’t happen.

  6. halloweenfan says:

    yes! back to the original concept of myers! I love how theyre going back to the original white mask. Maybe they could hit up a idependent mask maker such as Chris Morgan to design the new mask for the film such as a Nightstalker.

  7. 1982killingmachine says:

    I went to horrorfind weekend and was able to meet Scout and asked her what she has heard or if she wanted to do it. She was very pissed at Dimension films for what they were doing. She said she would love to do H3 but they want to start the franchise over and they want a new Laurie. I think it would be absolutely awesome to do the film like Todd said that could be the best Myers film yet if done like that. I really hope they go that way.

  8. andyflange says:

    Sorry guys but I think that synopsis sounds terrible… the last thing the franchise needs is a ‘blurring of the lines’ between the Zombie films and the original movies… while I agree we would need to have a Myers that sits somewhat in the background and slowly and methodically stalks his victims it would only work if they were to re-boot the series again!

    Continuing on from Zombie’s films makes no sense if you are going to ditch his Myers and replace him with a different one, all in the same movie. This would just confuse the audience and quite frankly makes no sense.

    Also, Zombie originally intended to kill off Myers at the end of his Halloween and the fact that they ignored that and brought out H2 was a stretch of the imagination so bringing him back again is just groan inducing (both endings have him blatantly die though the one used didn’t actually show him die… just lots of blood splatter… they should have kept the original ending from the workprint and made that film a standalone… we didn’t need a sequel and the one we got was quite frankly awful!)

    Finally, although I’m all for a Tom Atkins cameo the Silver Shamrock theme is awful, should not re-appear in any form and having a Season of the Witch reference in a Myers movie is a dumb idea to be honest… if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s constant pointless cameos for the sake of having cameos… we get it, you’re trying to reference the genre’s past but too much of it just becomes distracting to the viewer (see Rob’s first Halloween for that… all those Horror icons and how I wished they were in a better movie playing better, more fleshed out roles!)

    Basically… as much as I love Michael Myers I’m happy to see the franchise lay low for a decade… at least give it enough time for people to forget about the last two movies and, if they must, start over once again and give us a ‘back to basics’ suspense horror movie actually worth a watch with a mostly unknown cast (and maybe one or two experienced actors for the main supporting roles!)

  9. @killingmachine I was going to go to the horrorfind but never made it,that is crazy the want to reboot the remake……

    @andyflange Yes it makes on sense to switch michaels in the middle of the film it would be very confusing. But the silver shamrock scene would have been awesome. and I would rather have RZ halloween continued,than having a whole reboot. They were both decent films and other people than me had to like it,because the amount of Hobo Myers stuff that’s out there is crazy.

    At this point I would rather have Rob do a part three,instead of letting bob and harvey make it pg13,found footage,3D or any other stupid idea those two have. with some minor tweaks Todds script would be cool though.

  10. arogg23 says:

    switching masks in one movie would be horrible. i agree with andyflange with the fresh unfamiliar cast, except for some experienced actors for the supporting roles. they should try to spend the least amount of money on this and give it that classic low-budget independent look again. too much money put into a project as simple as Halloween just takes away from the story and makes it seem less real (like 3D for instance).

    I’d love to see the white mask again.

  11. bigfoot2448 says:

    Cant believe its in developmental hell right now! Why do Jason movies come out fast but Michael Myers aka the king of horror movies takes forever!

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