Ken Hertlein to Release New Mask

Ken Hertlein, who is responsible for some of the most sought after, accurate and popular masks in the entire hobby, is releasing a new run of masks.

Ken Hertlein “RARE” mask – only two in existence.

To those who might be interested:

With regular requests from collectors through my website, I’ve been commissioned to create a new ground-up sculpt/mask run.

Not being completely satisfied with the two previous editions, this run will be my ultimate attempt at accuracy, and my absolute last work recreating The Shape character.

I’m taking a leave from most of my Makeup Effects work to devote to this project, and to have the time needed. But as before, it won’t be a large run.

The masks will be available on a pre-order, first come first served basis. This is exactly the same way as the last run commissioned by A. Santagato was done, and it worked out great.

While it will take time to create these masks, and patience will be required on the collectors end, I will point out that there has never been a single incident of a person not receiving the mask they ordered in the past. So I’ll ask for trust in that reputation.

I would also like to thank Derek at Michael-Myers.net for helping to make this possible.

Thank you for your time and interest,

Ken Hertlein

Note: Sizing will be in the arena of the KH/DW.

This will come with open arms in the hobby, as Ken Hertlein masks have always been a huge hit with collectors.

UPDATE: This project is now sold out.

Michael-Myers.net is not affiliated with the sale of this mask.

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  1. Hello Ken.

    Are you going to do anymore masks?

    Can I request and pay you to create a Halloween I or II mask??

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