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In this episode of Accurately Unstable:

  • We start off looking over the latest upcoming M. Night Shyamalan film “The Visit.” We ask the question on “Why would he (M.Night) do a found footage piece?” and of course, could it be any good at all?
  • Seeing, this is our second show back on I learned the best way on what goes down when we don’t work with a formatted show. The most cringe inducing event the three of us ever did at a theater came up.
  • This past week the world of film lost a legend and a gentleman with Wes Craven. We all talk about what a legacy he left behind. We give our thoughts, just as the horror fans we are, on the work of Wes Craven. Going in deeper about the type of man he was and his strength.

Disclaimer: Accurately Unstable is independently operated, and the episode content does not necessarily reflect the views of Episodes may contain strong language and are intended for mature audiences.

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