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Hour number one of the show: Mike and I ask – what could a RoboCop remake improve upon? I told Mike what I really loved about RoboCop after I re-watched it over the week. Not my job to rip but I gave my view on other horror sites for not taking our breaking news of Halloween 3 last week. Derek Linderman came back on to talk about “Calender Girl” and his new projects. Derek is great, it stops being an interview and just feels like another co-host on board. I tried helping out Derek if he ever had to do a bad interview. If you are a fan of good directors, good writers, and a hardcore fun loving WWE fan, you will love Derek.

Hour number two of the show: Long time listener of the show and Friend Cole Nedved comes onto co-host with Mike and I. We found out Cole and Mike have something in common. Todd Farmer comes on and he gives us the business and that business is great radio! Todd opens up and gives us the facts about Halloween 3. He also does one hell of a job teasing us about an email he gets while on the show as well. Todd really is a great guy and has been very supportive of this little show of ours. You really have to hear this interview.

We wrap up the show with the news and plugs. Overall, this was Michael J’s Birthday and I think Mike loved his present.