The lasting appeal of the Halloween 4 poster mask

If you’re a fan of Halloween you know the mask has never been the same since part One and Two. Arguably, the first saving grace for the mask was RZ’s remake mask – the clean version is the closest to the original than any before. But the focus is not any of these masks – the mask I’m talking about is the mask from the cover art of part Four. This mask is stunning but it doesn’t exist.

This is the picture used to promote every Myers mask that is found in Spencers Gifts, CVS, Rite-Aide and any other place that sells mass-produced masks. Why is this artwork always used? It’s one of the coolest looking masks and gives a great Michael look. But why wasn’t it produced or used in any of the films? It feels like a bait and switch, which is exactly how I felt when I first saw H4.

Luckily some of the artists in our community have produced replicas of the artwork seen on the H4 poster:

Nightowl Evilution


Nightowl Maniac


NAG Screenused – Pictured at the left is the image which was supposedly used as a reference when the artist created the H4 poster.


The first artist to sculpt a replica of the H4 poster artwork was John Smith, when he created the SAMHAIN:


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  1. vader45 says:

    Well, the poster H4 mask is an artists rendition of the H1/2 hero mask, thats why we never saw it physically in latex form.

  2. 1982killingmachine says:

    I’m waiting on mine now from Nik at NAG. This is and will always be my favorite Myers look and soon to be mask. I would love to finally see this mask made and used in the upcoming H3D movie.

  3. felix80 says:

    anyone know where i can get one of those mask from ?

  4. 1982killingmachine says:

    Nik still makes them. Go under links go to Nicolas art gallery (NAG) or look him up on members and pm him. May take a while to get back to you. He is out of town for business recently

  5. chrisvennekamp says:

    I recently completed an accurate h4 cover mask…you can view it under projects

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