Michael Bay may produce the next HalloweeN

In March, we reported that Michael Myers would not be returning to the big screen in the next HalloweeN film this year, as the film was given a “To Be Determined” release date.

Bloody Disgusting
is reporting that Platinum Dunes is an emerging candidate to produce the next HalloweeN film, which was long been rumored to be in 3D. Platinum Dunes is a production company which was founded by Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. They were responsible for producing several Horror remakes, including: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), The Amityville Horror (2005), Friday the 13th (2009) and A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010). If Platinum Dunes produces the film, the 3D plans would likely be scrapped.

Many rumors have stated the possiblity of the film being a ‘found footage’ type of film (The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity). However, last September we posted an exclusive story where Malek Akkad himself (Trancas International Films) called in and stated that the next HalloweeN film would NOT be a found footage film.

What would you like to see? A complete remake, a sequel, a 3D or found footage film? Chime in with your comments!

  • betelgeuse4721

    I’m not sure if I’m liking the idea of another HalloweeN at all. There is no way in HELL the 1978 Halloween will ever be topped. Period.

    I’m just used to remakes embarassing/tarnashing the name and what not (Nightmare on Elm/Friday the 13th/Rob Zombie’s “interpretations” of HalloweeN), but sometimes they are fun to go and see if you take them as just that – a remake.

    If I had to pick, I would probably like a complete remake to see what creative talent might pop through and surprise me.

  • zephro

    I’d like to see Trancas go out of business!

  • Benny – wow what a great idea… a real HalloweeN sequel, taking place after 1981’s HalloweeN II. I would absolutely be excited to see that one.

  • serialkiller2000

    How about a continuation from RZ’s H2.

    Maybe start H3 by showing us the end of RZ’s H2, and then move forward several years later.

    Only this time H3 would go back to having the same feeling as the original Halloween?

  • wowcomix

    I believe Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th as done by Platinum Dunes were pretty solid reboots; I’m all for them taking on the Halloween mantle and giving us a reboot that updates the storyline and yet remains true to what Halloween is — a story with more suspense and tension than gore. I would love to walk into a theater and see a film with Michael Myers where people are actually screaming, not laughing hysterically.

  • kiss78

    I’m gonna have to go with the complete remake.
    Or the direct sequal to Halloween 2 1981 idea. (who would play Laurie?)

    I think that the 3-D should go away, forget about “thorn”
    Return to the elements that made the original great.
    Also the things that Joey Calamusa said.

    Someone should ask John Carpenter about the idea he had when he was approached about Halloween 4.

  • I think Platinum Dunes will do a decent job with Halloween. They tend to play it safe with their remakes so I’m not expecting anything groundbreaking but it will be fun to see. I’m so glad it won’t be 3D!

  • h20fan

    I would totally ditch the Rob Zombie storyline and make a sequel to Halloween: Resurrection in the style of Halloween H20, calling it Halloween: Family Reunion. Just like the Scream movies with the stab series I would make the Rob Zombie movies the movie within a movie storyline for Halloween. I would love to see some characters return from the previous movies. Maybe the actors of ‘Halloween III’ to be stalked by Michael Myers when they are doing research on his character and history. And the returning characters from the original franchise to protect them or something. I donno. But the Rob Zombie movies are just getting ridiculous and ending the original franchise with Resurrection is just stupid. Halloween H20 was good, so in the style of H20, there should be a final movie for the original movies.

  • jake000ryan

    I think that guy john on horror bid is writing an amazing 3rd part and he also rote his own version of rob zombies number two. He said he only took what he saw in the trailer and wrote it before he saw it. He’s been telling me about his third one which is a sequel to robs not his and it sound AMAZING. I think he posted it on here but if not its on horrorbid. I really like it and i could see it being a real movie. I would LOVE to see that on the big screen. It gives robs and the original justice.

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