Original Michael Myers vs. Rob Zombie Michael Myers

For all of our Wrestling fans, Scared Stiff TV brings you “The battle of the century” – pitting the Original Michael Myers vs the Remake (Rob Zombie) Michael Myers in this Horror Wrestling Federation grudge match. Which Michael Myers will emerge as the winner and take the throne?

  • wowcomix

    XD That was awesome!

  • mikyfan

    DonĀ“t mess with the original:D

  • jonnystyles

    I respect and appreciate Zombie’s take on a classic BUT seriously failed in so many areas. First off I understand what he was trying to get across which was if there was really a serial killer like Micheal Myers, this would have been his foundation life story. Failure with doing so is you humanize the character Michael Myers entirely too much. Next is evil never dies, He killed him off in the first one. Got talked back into doing a sequel, where he finally offed him for good. There’s no franchise with Zombie’s version and any attempt to do so will result in miserable failure, simple because the writers would be forced into going high and to the right with some sort of bad scifi voodoo of bringing him back to life. I did enjoy seeing a larger version of Myers, which I think Tyler Mane pulled off brilliantly. That younger version of though was the worst ever. Nobody wants to see a fat, slow, and wall-eyed kid that choked back a smile every time he cussed play the ultimate serial killer. They got it right in the first two from a younger Myer’s stand point. I would like to see a proper reboot done just for the fans and for better longevity for the franchise as well.

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