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Michael Myers mask and HalloweeN fans, be sure to take advantage of several great deals and sales that are happening in our community. In anticipation of the holiday season, Derek (of, Zephro (of Trick or Treat Studios), and Horror Sanctum are all respectively offering their inventory at special, discounted prices for Black Friday (Nov. 23) through to Cyber Monday (Nov. 26). There is also a cool Tyler Mane autograph giveaway courtesy of Beyond Disgusting.

The store will slash the price of the Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers mask. This very affordable price will be in effect through to Nov. 26.

Trick or Treat Studios has put their entire catalog of high-quality masks and cool characters on sale until Cyber Monday. Everything is 20% off. Check out the details here.

Horror Sanctum Studios is holding its second annual Black Friday sale. Expect items to be listed at up to 50% off the regular price. Click here for further details.

Beyond Disgusting Studios is conducting a contest for a chance for you to win the Tyler Mane autographed photo displayed below. Click here for instructions on how to enter the contest. A winner will be determined on December 1st.

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