EXCLUSIVE: H2 Michael Myers Mask (Blood Tears) photos

UPDATE: You can now buy the HalloweeN II Michael Myers mask.

After breaking the news that Trick or Treat Studios had secured the rights to officially release the HalloweeN II Michael Myers mask, Michael-Myers.net also brought you an exclusive article with the production photos of the mask that you will actually see in stores. Today we bring you even more exclusive material on this mask with production photos of the Blood Tears version that will also be released! At a bargain of $59.99, it’s going to be hard not to pick up at least a couple of these! Stay tuned for ordering information and more exclusive material as it becomes available.

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  1. zuzek1996 says:

    It’s time, Michael…

  2. greatpumpkin says:

    I’m really PROUD of these guys for getting this together. Believe it or not, I saw the original H2 in the theater when it came out over 30 years ago! I remember at the time being astonished that you couldn’t just walk into a costume shop and pick one of these up. It seemed like a huge missed marketing opportunity even to my young brain. No ‘Halloween’ Halloween mask? Congrats for being able to sift through the red tape and put a quality product on the shelf. What an excellent Halloween this will be for everyone!

  3. michaelmyers687 says:

    Oh nevermind they did lol This looks awesome, Btw what does it mean by “in stores”?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Should I buy this one or the other one?

  5. src says:

    I just order both,these guys knocked this out of the park,i wish we could get a H1 mask this good.

  6. adammaneer says:

    Buy both !!! I did & were not going 2 get a chance once these R released ” JULY 2012 ” people that haven’t know about these mask’s there going 2 go why up in price cause of demand !!!!!!! Don’t think about it if ur a real fan getting both mask’s at the low low price & B happy !!!!!! These mask’s will go sky high in price after people see these’s NEW MASK’S !!!!!!!!! Don’t trick ” treat ur self “

  7. zhhood says:

    I Cant Wait To Get Mine, I Ordered It Earlier Today, This Is A great Deal!!! If Anyone One Is Interested I Have 4 Jason Hockey Mask For Sale For $25 A Piece

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