EXCLUSIVE: Official H2 Michael Myers Mask Production Photos

UPDATE: The HalloweeN II Michael Myers Mask is now available to buy.

As we previously announced, Trick or Treat Studios has secured the rights and will be releasing the Official Halloween II Michael Myers Mask. Check out that article here if you missed it.

We now have production photos of the mask. In the past we have seen great sculpts and masks turned into only a shell of themselves once the production copies were revealed. I’m pleased to say that the mask you see in stores will look identical to the one posted in this article. These photos are extremely impressive and really highlight the quality, care and detail Trick or Treat Studios puts into their masks. This is a dead ringer H2 mask for $59.99 – a HalloweeN fans dream!

This Halloween, HE comes HOME!

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  1. sangria says:

    F I N A L L Y. A mass produced Myers mask that looks like a Myers mask. 2012, a year to be proud of. Thanks again to everyone at ToTS.

  2. drentheliar says:

    Well, this should pretty much dissuade anyone having doubts about the quality of these.

  3. myersnsandiego says:

    I still can’t believe this is happening. I’m so excited I can’t stand it!!!
    Thank you so much TOTS!!

  4. ryn says:

    Such a great time to be a Myers fan!!

  5. horrorsanctum says:

    Justin and Zephro will be BILLIONAIRES SOON!!

  6. horrorsanctum says:

    Or thousandaires;)

  7. spiderdude says:

    Will us guys in the UK be able to get these bad boys ?

  8. slash69 says:

    When can we buy one…or two…or three????

  9. weninger says:

    god sent sbout damn time someone rocked up and did this

  10. michaelmyers687 says:

    It should show the Blood Tears one too but still Awesome!! 😀

  11. jdash10 says:

    I just hope to God the mass production thing stays true.

  12. robertw says:

    I already have a nice H2, but for $60, you’d have to be nuts to pass on a mask this nice looking.

  13. halloweenfan says:

    I’m totally getting one to sit next to my L75 h1 mask! At this price anyone can afford one:-)

  14. demonscribe says:

    wow, totally in for 1 for sure! fantastic!

  15. Ryan Shank says:

    What stores will this be available at? And what is the release date?

  16. Ryan Shank says:

    What stores will this be available at? And what is the release date?

  17. bmwkid135 says:

    Mind-blowingly fantastic! I will FINALLY have the perfect H2 mask for my collection… and it’s only going to cost me $60. I hope the paint remains this excellent on the mass-produced versions; then nothing will have to be done to it. It’ll be fantastic right from the start 😀

  18. 666pureevil says:

    Looks like a NO maniac mask….nice , cant wait !!

  19. Anonymous says:

    you can preorder it on there website. They send them out in July. I don't really know what stores will have it though.

  20. Tristan Schroeder says:

    I want this mask sssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo badly.

  21. Debbie Hensley says:


  22. kiss78 says:

    Perhaps this really is the end of the world.

    Beautiful mask!!!

  23. skulcrusher657 says:


  24. Louise McIntosh says:

    Oh no!

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