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Horror Sanctum Studios is a reputable, experienced and legitimate mask studio – owned and operated by Sam McCain. Sam began making masks over 30 years ago and has been employed at both Don Post Studios and Distortions Unlimited. He has an eye-catching catalog which appeals to many collectors and horror fans. Sam also made and sold the first ever licensed Michael Myers mask in 1981, the first mass produced “Jason,” and the first wearable “Freddy” mask in 1985.

Sam is a professional and an active, contributing member of the community here at He is a trusted seller with many happy customers over the years. He offers quality latex masks at reasonable prices. Below, are some of the featured pieces Horror Sanctum offers in their catalog.

Devious H1 - Click for more info.

Devious V2 - Click for more info.

"The H4" - Click for more info.

H9 - click for more info.

H2 - Click for more info.

H5 Brute - Click for more info.

Mane Bust - Click for more info.

View Horror Sanctum Studios entire Catalog here: