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We are a short time away from the festival of darkness – the time of Samhain. Like Harvey Dent said in The Dark Knight, “The night is darkest just before the dawn.” Samhain is a celebration of new beginnings. The time is coming to bring out the Halloween decorations and for Michael Myers to haunt the neighborhood streets again.

First up is a sleek Michael Myers bust assembled by Billy. The mask is the Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers Mask available in our store.  In addition to being an avid HalloweeN fan, Billy is a musician. Check out his music here. To read the details on how Billy made this Michael Myers bust and for more photos, click here.

Validus delivers a classic Nightowl Maniac

NHK #3 on display courtesy of klhlil

pwz41 is Michael Myers (the mask is a Nightowl Creep)

Some love is shown for Halloween: H20 thanks to toddbobbentley

Superb Halloween decorations by Josh1987

Killah‘s outstanding HalloweeN II style Madman 78

Thanks to everyone involved and thanks for looking.