Feb. 2014 Michael Myers Masks

Here are Halloween and Michael Myers Masks for February 2014, in the thick of winter. I feel like moving to somewhere like Florida or the Tropics, but truth be told I would rather live through harsh cold and snow than go through hurricanes, tornadoes and torrential rains. Recent events on the forums have led to some drama and gojira going on a rampage about it but let us remember why we come here in the first place. There is nothing like a good hobby where people contribute such great pics of their masks and their collections.

alive03 MMK:

michael myers mask 2014 feb 01

RZhalloweenfan22 NHS Clean Mask from Dela Torre:

michael myers mask 2014 feb 02

Lamson78 NightOwl Creep:

michael myers mask 2014 feb 03

ballfat Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis on display:

michael myers mask 2014 feb 04

TheKiller78 Halloween III Season of the Witch melting trio by JITB/Andrew:

michael myers mask 2014 feb 05

Nuyts Michael Myers Mask:

michael myers mask 2014 feb 06

its time michael 75k JC H2 mask:

michael myers mask 2014 feb 07

myersman78 Rob Zombie’s Michael Myers:

michael myers mask 2014 feb 08

michael myers mask 2014 feb 09

BigJoeGrizzly “Revolver Dream” by Dela Torre Company:

michael myers mask 2014 feb 10

JasonV123 Halloween 3 Season of the Witch Masks:

michael myers mask 2014 feb 11

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  1. lamson78 says:

    WOW! Thanks so much for including my CREEP! Feel honored!

  2. halloweenfan says:

    how does one get there photos on this? I have submitted a few photos of my masks but never see mine on here.

  3. Michaelantern says:

    Always enjoy seeing this feature, fun viewing as always.

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