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August 7th-9th is your chance to meet Nick Castle, Dick Warlock, George P. Wilbur and Don Shanks all in the home state of Michael Myers.


At the Crowne Plaza in Rosemont, Illinois, Flashback Weekend is the premier horror convention for Halloween and Michael Myers fans. Featuring nearly every actor to play Myers, as well as Tom Atkins and other Halloween 3 cast members, as well as Alan Howarth performing music from Halloween 2-6, Escape From New York and They Live. And it’s all topped off by a giant outdoor screening of John Carpenter’s original Halloween. Tickets are available now.

Other Halloween-related guests include Halloween’s cinematographer, Dean Cundey, Nancy Loomis, Danielle Harris, Charles Cyphers, Tommy Lee Wallace and young Michael, Will Sandin.

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This is one event no Myers fan wants to miss out on!