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This is part two of my exclusive interview with Mark Roberts who is the owner of the Halloween/Halloween II hero Michael Myers mask since 2003.  Click here for part one. Once again, thanks Mark for taking the time to share pics and answer these questions for the benefit of all we Halloween fans!

Mark, one of the biggest controversies surrounding the hero mask is if it has or has not been repainted. For a long time I was convinced it had indeed been repainted but Dick assured me (and I believe him) it has not been, at least not since being in his possession. Do you have any information concerning this?

Mark replied:

“The one thing I find funny is how everyone says the mask was absolutely repainted?? I know the mask never left Dick’s possession and he would certainly say if it was repainted. And it has never left my possession. No repaint. People forget this mask is over 40 years old and who knows how it ages? Anyways, that’s just my 2 cents.”

You mentioned in the first part of our interview that you had collected Myers replica masks for some time. With the various replica masks you have seen, what would you say is the biggest thing these replicas miss in comparison to the actual hero mask?

Mark’s reply:

“Most replicas miss the thickness of the mask. The real mask is probably twice as thick as the original KHDW.”

Regarding the hero coveralls, what color do they appear to be and does the tag state the color or brand?

Mark answered:

“The coveralls are a dark green color and if I remember correctly Dick said he got them at JC Penney’s. I will check the tag when I go back to where the coveralls are stored. Here’s a fun fact for you, inside the bullet holes on the coveralls, the fx department took Velcro and taped it behind the holes with masking tape to give it the wet look. It’s still in place with the masking tape on them!”

If this is not too personal, one question that was submitted to me regards the hero and its potential insurance. Is it insured and if so for what amount?

Mark’s reply:

“Years ago I had the mask insured for 250,000. Just to add to that, I have been offered some very large amounts for the mask and not even considered selling it. It was never about money”.

One last question for now. Mark, Dick has told me that in the past you have displayed the hero mask at a couple of your haunted attractions in Ohio, is there any chance this could happen again in the future? If so please let me know as I (and I’m sure others) would love the opportunity to see this legendary piece of movie history in person!

Mark answered:

“I am going to display the mask and costume at one of my haunts in the future and I will absolutely let you know when and where.”

Mark I’d like to once again thank you on behalf of myself, Derek and all the other mods and members of this forum for taking the time to answer these questions and share pics with all of us. We greatly appreciate it man!

Mark’s reply:

“You’re welcome. I’m just a regular guy who by all the stars lining up was able to purchase a piece of his favorite movie of all time! By the way, I personally always liked Halloween 2 better than part one. Not sure why I just always did. I know some would call that blasphemy!”

Part two of this interview concludes with three more pics that Mark graciously shared with us, a pic of the screen used Elrod knife and coveralls used by Dick Warlock in Halloween II as well as another shot of the hero mask:

Screen used Elrod knife from Halloween II:


Screen used coveralls from Halloween II:


Hero Michael Myers mask from Halloween and Halloween II:

More Q&A’s and more pics to come in the third and final part of the Mark Roberts interview which will be posted soon, stay tuned!