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Welcome to another edition of’s Masks of the Month!

If you’re anything like me, you’re suffering from an intense case of what we call the Post-Halloween Blues.

For most of us each year, the Fall season is full of crisp weather, horror movie binges, delightfully unhealthy snacks, pumpkin carving, dressing up, and too much fun to list here.  It all builds into a crescendo, plunging toward the night we wait for all year long, and finally detonates on October 31st. It’s akin to being promised ice cream all day by your parents as a child – leading up to the bliss of the final moment.  Unfortunately, much like the double-peanut-butter Blizzard with extra cookie dough and cocoa chips (fine, I still get excited for ice cream), Halloween night passes and we creeps wake up on November 1st feeling like ol’ Ed Poe mourning the loss of yet another one of his brides.

Fret not! The coming of November simply marks the beginning of the influx of killer mask pictures from the Big Night!

Let’s make the most of a sad time and pore over all of these awesome shots as a proverbial “cup of coffee on the morning after.” is here 24-7, 365 days per year to give  us our fix of Halloween goodness anyway though, right?

NAG/Loper 75K
Owner: Matthew Burgett

Not only is this mask absolutely killer, but the use of the glass reflection in the shot gives us an image that screams “The Shape”.

NAG/Loper 75K
Owner: Derek Cook

We’ve got “dualies” here with these Freddy Loper 75K’s.  The finish on this one is incredible and the stylish black and white shot really brings out the contrast.

NAG/JC Nightmare Reshape
Owner: Grant Mosier

Excellent “Castle Stretch” going on here under a beautifully finished mask.  The jealousy meter is beeping.

NAG/Loper 2K
Owner: Freddy Loper

Freddy’s personal 2K copy is shown here in all of its vintage Kirk glory with a nicely obscured, but distinctively Halloween-y background.  Look at that detail.

NO/Loper Shat
Owner: Mike Golden

Justin Mabry’s sculpt, Freddy Loper’s H2 finishing, that display.  Aww yeah…

JC MM78 #2
Owner: Hector De La Rosa

Not only does the mask and lighting look cool in this shot, but this is a wonderful time capsule of three buddies (or enemies?) hanging out and celebrating why we all come to this site in the first place.

ToTS Hospital Mask (Rehaul)
Owner: Rowland Kelly

Mr. Kelly has been racking up a sizable roster of great conversions/overhauls.  This mask is no exception, and the staging and background are exactly what I see when I think “suburban Autumn backyard”.  The standard version of this mask is available for purchase HERE

Peña DIY H1
Owner: Scott Michael Smith

The overhead lighting in this snap really brings out the crisp details of this sculpt.  Marty the dog lurks in the background in true Myers fashion.

Owner: Tony Cross

I think this picture captures the Halloween spirit perfectly.  A menacing Myers next to an adorable little clown (love the homage to where Michael started – intentional or not).  Creating lasting trick-or-treating memories (and hopefully a future member!)  These are available for purchase HERE

Madbug H1 Sculpt (Finished by Freddy Loper)
Owner: Matthew Burgett

Alright, so this isn’t a mask in the technical sense.  However, this micro Myers was given the signature Mirror Image H1 treatment and is an impressive little bugger!  Don’t display him next to your other figures though.  You don’t want to clean that up…

ToTS H2 (Blood Tears)
Owner: Tetsuya Kaizu

This is a great specimen from Trick or Treat Studios, and TK’s lighting, stuffing, and angle really compliment it.  Plus, the burgundy velour backdrop adds a touch of class.

NAG/AHG 75k (Old Mold)
Owner: Rob Schoonmaker

A great sculpt, a great pull, great finishing, and great lighting.  What more could you ask for?

I hope you enjoyed looking at these great shots as much as I did. In our next installment, we’ll get to see what Santa brings.
See you next month!

-Zac Crook