Masks of the Month: April 2019

Man, this Winter has been rough. I haven’t talked to a single person who didn’t share the opinion that this was some of the worst weather in years. Some things, however, remain unchanged – like the fact that our beloved artists consistently crank out masterpieces to help us combat the Winter Blues. Let’s have a sampling of what has caught my eye recently:

NAG/Mirror Image “75K Castle”
Owner: Tim Pruitt

Freddy really drummed up a killer piece here. Yeah, I know…

ToTS/Death Row “H40/2018”
Owner: Noah Hall

Rowland killed this overhaul, first of all.
The stuffing, angle, and lighting in this shot really compliments this copy.

NAG/James Carter “Shape 78”
Owner: Frankie Joseph

Nik’s new Shape 78 sculpt has been on fire lately, and I’m loving the grungy look of this copy. Classy B&W shows off the contrast.

ToTS/Spookhouse Props “Kirk (H1)”
Owner: Ty Rone Shaughnessy

Jimmy at SpookHouse did an unbelievable job on this mask.
Everything here just looks bang-on.

NAG/AHG “75K Castle”
Owner: Brandon Zachman

You don’t see too many AHG Castles around.
What a gorgeous mask to behold, this’n.

AHG “SL Kirk (Malone Version)”
Owner: “Rxconvergex Masks”

Mike absolutely nailed the likeness of the infamous “Malone Mask” with this copy of his SL Kirk sculpt. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

That’s all for this month, Shapes, Shapettes & Shape-shifters!
Thanks for keeping Michael-Myers.net going strong.
We’ll see you next month! God bless!

-Zac Crook

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