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We are ONE MONTH away from both the Big Day and the new Halloween film!
Ignited by all of the excitement, no doubt, we’ve had a staggering amount of great photos recently.
Alas, we can only pore over a select few here, so let’s go!

NO/Spookhouse Props “Creep”

Jimmy at Spookhouse gave this iconic sculpt the royal treatment with this great finish job.

Owner: Michael Boets

Admittedly, I’m not usually a gigantic NDMM fan.  That being said, this copy reminds me that we all make mistakes sometimes!

NAG/JC “98 Proto”
Owner: Edward Borew

I absolutely love this whole shot.  I imagine this is what it would look like if The Shape wandered in while you were in the middle of watching The Thing on Halloween night.

Owner: Hugo Félix

To my eyes, Mike went with an H1/H2 hybrid on this copy.  When an incredible artist meets an awesome sculpt, magic happens, folks.

That’s going to wrap us up for this installment, Shapes, Shapettes, and Shape-Shifters!
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God bless!

-Zac Crook