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A Ben Tramer replica figure would be the ultimate addition to a fan’s Halloween collection. But it’s unfortunate enough that Michael Myers himself is underrepresented in the field of figures and toys. The officially licensed Halloween figures put out by Neca and Reel Toys are cool (so are other related items like the Night he Came Home boxed set and the Michael Myers bobble head). The best of the bunch may be the Michael Myers figures that were based on Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies. However,  the 12″ collectible Michael Myers figure put out by Sideshow wasn’t that great; they dropped the ball with that one.

michael myers 12 inch figures halloween 01

michael myers 12 inch figures halloween 02

michael myers 12 inch figures halloween 04

The problem is that the aforementioned figures only cover Halloween (1978) and Rob Zombie’s movies. Michael Myers has had many other masks and looks, and those other Michael Myers variations have been neglected. We have the Official Michael Myers masks for Halloween II, Halloween 6 The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20 and Halloween Resurrection (not to mention the three masks from Halloween III Season of the Witch) available here at the Store, yet there are no official Michael Myers figures for these films that would capture the variations in the Michael Myers masks, coveralls and physiques.

michael myers 12 inch figures halloween 08

michael myers 12 inch figures halloween 13

michael myers 12 inch figures halloween 12

It’s been independent craftsmen who have produced the figures for the Michael Myers variants from the different Halloween films. YouTuber dropy21ans has an enviable horror collection, and a part of his collection is devoted to Michael Myers 1:6 scale, 12 inch figures from the various Halloween films. The photos presented here all belong to dropy21ans as does the video below, which lets us get a glimpse of his impressive Michael Myers collection. Check out the Store for the real deal Michael Myers masks, and also check out dropy21ans‘ YouTube channel for more horror figures and collectibles at