Michael Myers Masks Easter 2013: The Sequel Masks

This time, the Featured Michael Myers Masks  will pay homage to the masks from the Halloween sequels, reboots and remakes. The days are starting to get sunnier as we leave the winter behind, so that is a welcome sign, also horror conventions and gatherings have already started to kick off this year. If you can try to meet some of your fellow forum members at these conventions.

It’s Halloween II with zombiejey’s Nightowl Lunatic:

michael myers mask mar2013 09

More Halloween II with deadguy1979:

michael myers mask mar2013 10

Bauerfreak0204 with a Halloween II life size:

michael myers mask mar2013 12

LRSR_MASK continues the Halloween II vibe:

michael myers mask mar2013 14

desi3 with the Halloween III Season of the Witch masks alongside their melted counterparts:

michael myers mask mar2013 08

1982killingmachine Red October mask from Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers:

michael myers mask mar2013 15

bojesse57 with a post-SSN H5 replica by Qots & Brad Hardin:

michael myers mask mar2013 16

Monolith with the Signature series Don Shanks H5 by SSN:

michael myers mask mar2013 05

Diddypop has scored a screen used Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers mask:

michael myers mask mar2013 01

Monolith again, with an SSN H20 v2:

michael myers mask mar2013 06

Jamiejayboy120 with a Halloween: Resurrection Cinema Secrets replica:

michael myers mask mar2013 02a

Halloween: Resurrection Signature series mask from “Mr. Tell-All King a.k.a.  The H6 Mask Consultant, Insider & Price Expert”:

michael myers mask mar2013 03

michaelmyers360 with the Artifact:

michael myers mask mar2013 04

maskcollector230 with some Rob Zombie Michael Myers masks:

michael myers mask mar2013 07

JohnB_92 with a Dela Torre Dream Sequence Rob Zombie Halloween II mask:

michael myers mask mar2013 11

itsme with the Tyler Mane Destroyer:

michael myers mask mar2013 13

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  1. Tristan Schroeder says:

    The dream sequence would feel uncomfortable to wear it looks like. I LOVE the original H2 Masks.

  2. kaizu says:

    I don’t know who selects the masks for these articles but none of mine get selected and have been posting for years.
    I made a thread on the whole new H2 Creep proto by Nighowl and it doesn’t make the cut…wow

  3. johnb92 says:

    =) Im proud my Dream Sequence made it on here, i am so proud of it. Its nice to see the sequels getting some love. From the original, i love the way the Halloween 2’s look. It was everything great about the first film’s mask, made even scarier in my opinion.

    I have always had a love for H6’s mask. I myself own a WMP Raining Red, and i couldnt be happier. Id love to have a screen used one…but to be, id get it rehaired. I dont care for the way the hair looks on that!

    The first Resurrection picture posted, reminded me how much i hate that mask LoL Its a great replica, and props to its owner. Nothing against the replica or the aritst that made it, just the ORIGINAL material. That mask is so horrid to me LoL

    As for the Dream Sequence being uncomfortable, no. Its about the same as wearing any other mask. Ive only tried it on once, but it wasnt any different. You cant really tell that some of your face is exposed. The half mask, to me, would feel weird tho.

    Great article, i enjoyed the photos 😉

  4. Gosh i WANT that don post h5 mask!

  5. michaelmyers360 says:

    sweet,so cool i got mentioned. thanks guys

  6. jmmontoya007 says:

    This is tha stuff yo can’t wait to git my hands on that

  7. jmmontoya007 says:

    Good thing I already have the Artifact mask next the Dela Torre Dream Sequence Rob Zombie Halloween II mask

  8. so do I Tristan I highly agree 🙂

  9. Soarin Duran says:

    oh man i want this masks

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