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Masked murderer Michael Myers has been known to kill his share of horny teens, but how many times has he taken people out while they were having sexual foreplay or actually getting it on? We know that in some of the Halloween movies Myers seems to be preoccupied with killing people who have had sex or that his motives are sometimes related to sex. Having said that here is a look at instances where Michael Myers from Halloween has killed people while they were engaged in sexual activity.

 michael myers halloween sex and violence 3

The first instance took place during Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers. After almost getting himself shot to death by the cops because of an uncalled-for Halloween prank, Spitz, wearing an exact Michael Myers costume, went into the barn with Tina and his girlfriend Samantha (played by Tamara Glynn) hoping to score some threesome action. Tina got distracted by all the cats inside and lost her way while Samantha had all her sexual fluids scared out of her when Spitz approached her wearing his Michael Myers mask and coveralls AGAIN.

michael myers halloween sex and violence 6

Spitz removed his Michael Myers mask and then laid on top of Samantha and Samantha bit her lips as Spitz gave her his usual routine with his dry mouth and cold clammy hands. Spitz was well on his way to reaching orgasm (even if Samantha wasn’t) when the real Michael Myers came out of nowhere and jammed a pitchfork right through his back.

michael myers halloween sex and violence 4

Samantha got away from Spitz’s corpse and pulled the pitchfork out of him with the intention of using it as a weapon against the real Michael Myers, but Myers had already armed himself with a scythe and Tamara was no match for him. Michael swung the sharp tool at her and all you saw was blood gushing out.

michael myers halloween sex and violence 5

Well, it wasn’t until Rob Zombie remade Halloween that we would get to see Michael Myers attack a heterosexual couple while they were performing a sex act. A guy laid on top of Annie Brackett (played by Danielle Harris) and he started to pull at her expensive blouse as they kissed on the couch, and what do you know, Michael Myers strolled into the living room.

michael myers halloween sex and violence 2

Myers stared at the couple for a bit then yanked the guy off of Danielle Harris and threw him away like he weighed 40 pounds; Annie got up and attempted to run away, but she ran into the kitchen, and like Samantha in Halloween 5, she tried to put up a fight (using a kitchen knife) against Myers. Michael Myers knocked her down and then dragged her away kicking and screaming, next thing you know, Sheriff Brackett finds Annie all bloody and the boyfriend guy is hanging from the ceiling with a pumpkin over his head.

For a slasher accustomed to taking out numerous sluts and douchebags, Michael Myers has only twice assaulted a couple as they had sex over the course of 9 relevant Halloween films. Other times, Myers chooses to watch the copulating couple and then murder them separately when they are away from each other after they’ve finished having sex. For more memorable Michael Myers kills click on the Michael Myers techniques articles.

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