Official Halloween II Ben Tramer Mask Announced

Trick or Treat Studios, the makers of the great Official Halloween Michael Myers masks, unveiled some of the new masks that will be
included in their catalog for 2015. Among the new designs is a Ben Tramer Mask from Halloween II. Ben Tramer was the character who was mistaken for Michael Myers and was forced off the sidewalk by Dr. Loomis and onto the street; Tramer was hit by a car and then caught on fire.

halloween michael myers ben tramer mask 2015 02

Trick or Treat’s Ben Tramer mask is sculpted by Justin Mabry. Trick or Treat also revealed that they have the license to produce the Michael Myers Masks for the original Halloween, Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers. These other masks are scheduled to come out in 2016. Visit Trick or Treat Studios!

halloween michael myers ben tramer mask 2015 01

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  1. brandon says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to pick one up !

  2. Please please please make the H5 mask great

  3. knowbody says:

    I’ve never owned a Tramer before, but I’ll be getting this. It looks awesome and it’ll be affordable.

  4. mrunterward says:

    I have a creep. And if they use that mold. For the part 1 mask. I’ll buy it. And make the perfect part 2. I don’t think the official Halloween 2 mask pulls it off.

  5. Additoinal information: As far as I understood, Trick or Treat Studios got the original as a model to sculp the Ben Tramer Mask. On my non-commercial Blog you can find an overview what else is coming up in 2015 – it is in german language, but there are a lot of pictures in.

    It looks like that Trick or Treat will get the other licences for Halloween beginning of 2016 too. Owner and president of Trick or Treat Chris Zephro mentioned in an interview with dailyhelloweennews.com that, “We will probably come out with that (Halloween H20 alternate) KNB mask, by the way, that all the fans have been asking us for, from H20. We’ll do that in 2016.”

    Me personaly like the new masks – great Halloween-masks will come up this year!) – Sorry for my not 100% perfect english 😉

    Very best regards from Germany

  6. knowbody says:

    Cool! I’d like a TOTS KNB H20 mask.

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