Select Page and present you another episode of the Scared Stiff horror short series! In this episode:

A woman wakes up in an abandoned house and has no memory as to how she got there. Upon leaving the house, she finds that there is no one else around and that she is all alone.

Notes from Doug

The locations for “Alone” were extremely important to this episode. Locations such as the empty gas station, the train tracks, and the abandoned house were characters themselves in this story. The amount of decay and emptiness of the environments play a big part in the tale. I wanted to make sure that nothing looked out of place within the world that we created. Luckily, I had access to an old out of commission girl scout camp up in Kent, CT that had been closed for close to two decades. The buildings were falling apart and the landscape had not been maintained. It was the perfect setting for the episode. The filming was a special time for actress Analisa Robertson because she actually worked at the camp years ago when it was still in operation. The rest of the episode was filmed around Kent, and in Danbury, Sharon, Stamford and Norwalk, CT.

With a interesting connection to the world of horror, the camp we used is less than a mile from the camp that was used as Camp Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th Part 2! The train tracks that run through cemetery were actually located directly behind the church that was seen in the original “I Spit on Your Grave” film.