The Evolution of Dr. Loomis of HalloweeN (1978-1995)

Dr. Loomis, as played by the great Donald Pleasence, went through several characterizations over the course of five Halloween films. Halloween (1978) presented us with a serious and restrained Dr. Loomis. He gave his take on Michael Myers’ nature with memorable lines and speeches. Hearing Loomis, a man of science, speak of evil and the devil was both unexpected and … Continue reading

Did the Halloween II TV cut change the feel of the original?

Looking back at the TV version of Halloween II, I’ve noticed how much the editing gives it a different feel from the original. Some of you who’ve seen both the Romero and the Argento cut of DOTD78 would know what I’m trying to say. A little cutting and editing can give a whole different perspective and meaning to certain scenes … Continue reading


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