Hallway Creeper Michael Myers HalloweeN II Print

"Hallway Creeper" painted by artbymarkhorrorpaintings.com

Art by Mark (Artmark as he’s known here at Michael-Myers.net) is offering his most recent oil painted Michael Myers work in print form! The artwork is titled “Hallway Creeper” and is inspired by HalloweeN II. Visit Artmark’s website at: http://www.artbymarkhorrorpaintings.com

Interview: Horror Artist Mark Crow

Mark Crow (or known here as Artmark) has been an important part of the Michael-Myers.net community for several years. This interview was previously posted by our friends over at Reelybored.com, and we are reposting it here for those of you who haven’t seen it. I’ve known of Mark for quite some time when he would post some of his artwork … Continue reading


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