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Trick or Treat Studios is giving away the Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers Mask Prototype! In an effort to help spread the word and get this mask out in stores all over the country, a contest will be held to give the mask away. This is a true collectors piece as this mask signifies a new beginning of quality, affordable Michael Myers masks on store shelves – this has not happened in almost 30 years. Owner Chris Zephro posted the following message yesterday:

Hi Everyone,

We’d like to see our Officially Licensed Halloween II mask in every costume store around the world this Halloween and we need your help. So we are going to have a contest!

Please email [email protected] the name, address and phone number of your favorite local costume store in your area and your name will be place entered into a drawing to win the first Halloween II Prototype signed and titled by myself and the masks creator, our Art Director, Justin Mabry.

Let’s put the power of social media to action and get this mask in every costume and Halloween store across the country!

Thank you all,

Halloween II Michael Myers mask

Official Halloween II Michael Myers mask Prototype

Best of luck to the contestants!