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In this casual pairing of two Michael Myers masks, it’s the Burnt versus the Mister Blister. Both masks are representations of the scene with the coroner at the conclusion of Halloween: Resurrection. Michael Myers was in a body bag and was wheeled into the morgue. Myers had been fighting off trespassers for most of the film. Things seemed to have ended very badly for him. Myers was found dead after being electrocuted and charred in a fire in his own garage.

michael myers mask resurrection melted 11

The good thing is that Michael’s eyes opened (so, he appeared to have survived getting his ass kicked by Busta Rhymes and Bianca Kajlich). Even better than that, though, is that DangerTainment was put out of business forever after the events of Halloween: Resurrection. Busta Rhymes’ acting career subsequently cooled down – he wasn’t even called to guest star on Oz or The Wire.

michael myers mask resurrection melted 05

This fried and melted version of the Michael Myers mask can also be seen in Halloween: Resurrection‘s various alternate endings. The two Michael Myers replicas in this comparison are the Burnt (the lighter mask made by Frosty) and the Mister Blister (the darker mask made by Nils).

michael myers mask resurrection melted 10

Other members of this site have posted pics of these masks, but there don’t appear to be a whole lot of them out there. Two reasons come to mind for this. First, these masks were limited runs to begin with. Second, Halloween: Resurrection isn’t among the most acclaimed or interesting HalloweeN sequels (or horror movies in general).

michael myers mask resurrection melted 07

michael myers mask resurrection melted 09

The Burnt seems to be made using a mass-produced Cinema Secrets H8 mask. The simulated fire damage is done directly onto the mask, it’s not sculpted (so, these masks vary a bit from copy to copy. There is also at least one copy that has a full head of hair). The colors used for the destruction make a nice contrast with the white portions of the mask. The Burnt is gory and bloody.

michael myers mask resurrection melted 03

michael myers mask resurrection melted 06

The Mr. Blister is an original sculpt. It’s made of thick latex, and the heat damage is sculpted into the mold. These masks were numbered (the highest number seen on the forums is copy #4). The Mr. Blister’s shadowy paint gives it a smoky, crispy and cadaverous look.

michael myers mask resurrection melted 01

Both masks are small. Out of the two, perhaps the Mr. Blister mask can be worn. These masks may be used chiefly for display purposes. They’re both very cool and collectible Michael Myers replicas. In the end, what we have are two different takes of, and two distinct approaches to making the same mask from the end of Resurrection. [For what it’s worth, I don’t vouch for any mask-maker’s reputation. Always do your own research and check the feedback forum before dealing with anyone].

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