John Carpenter & Bill Moseley at Horror Hound Weekend

Horror fans are showing up like never before at conventions this year. Much like with the previous Monster Mania 24, the fans came in droves to the recent Horror Hound Weekend held in Cincinnati. Overall, the event was described by some attendees as disorganized and too crowded. The long line-ups and some of the prices for autographs were also a concern.

horror hound 2013 john carpenter

Actors from the hit television show The Walking Dead were at this convention held between March 22-24. This seemed to be the reason for the large crowds that were seen at the aforementioned Monster Mania. This edition of Horror Hound brought in director/writer John Carpenter and actor Bill Moseley. So, fans of the original and re-envisioned HalloweeN were sure to get their fix. Tawny Moyer (HalloweeN II), Tamara Glynn (HalloweeN 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers) and Sid Haig (HalloweeN) were also on hand.

horror hound 2013 bill moseley

Aside from that, most of the celebrities (especially Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker and Robert Patrick) seemed to be in good spirits. Even the usually grumpy Tom Savini was in a decent mood according to some fans.

horror hound line

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  1. captainhair101 says:

    Hey, you caught me in the crowd picture! I’m standing near the doors on the right wearing a black t-shirt. I met a bunch of people over the weekend and everyone was extremely nice. The only people who pissed me off were Michael Rooker’s assistants. I paid one of them for a photo then when I picked it up a second later I had the other yelling that I needed to pay for it. Then when I tried to take a picture another one of then grabbed my camera, saying I had to move along, and wouldn’t listen to how to use it. She couldn’t even turn it on. Eventually I handed it to my family member like I planned on to begin with. Even Savini was really nice. We talked about Australian bullwhips and about how he used to do squib demonstrations back in the day.

  2. slash69 says:

    How do we find when this is on tour in our town?

  3. knowbody says:

    @ captainhair101
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I’d like to meet Michael Rooker and I’m glad that his star is rising again. However, his stint on the Walking Dead also means that his autograph prices keep increasing along and stuff like what you mentioned with his assistants will happen.
    The situation with the Walking Dead is special. Here we have a hit tv show whose actors are showing up at conventions as the show is still on the air. They are capitalizing big time on the show’s success. Scott Wilson is another actor who I’d love to meet and his profile has received a major boost because of the show.

    @ slash69
    Thank you for your question man. I don’t think these conventions go on tour in the traditional sense and the guests are always changing. Check out the following web pages to see if there are any conventions near you (there are more, but these came to mind):

  4. slash69 says:

    Thank you for the links….you ROCK

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