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You can look exactly like Michael Myers from HalloweeN without breaking the bank. Thanks to Serial Killer Productions, it is now possible to create your own Michael Myers mask quickly and without injuring yourself too much.

This free tutorial is offered by Serial Killer Industries, which is run by Positive Brandon and Negative Craig. They just celebrated their marriage to one another, so our best goes out to these two guys (congrats, fellas). Now, it’s time to put the baby away. We’ve got work to do by following this easy step by step process (do so at your own risk. This is no joke or else you’d be laughing instead of whining about sending $4K to some guy overseas).

make a michael myers mask 09

1. Find a work area. Have your brushes, paint, scissors, glue, towels, paint, broom, and band-aids all within reach. Make sure the place is well lit so you can see what you’re doing (and having a well lit place just makes things look more professional. If someone walks in on you, the extra light makes it seem as though you’re doing something very, very important – so important that you required extra light for it).

2. Trade some valuable items that you have (like jewelry, gold, important documents, popular organs, diamonds, etc.) in exchange for a blank or a raw Michael Myers mask.

make a michael myers mask 10

3. Measure the distance between your eyes. Using the x-acto knife and scissors, cut eyeholes into the raw Michael Myers mask that will line up with your own eyes. If you want ear holes then take a drill to the mask. Keep the first aid kit and cleaning towels close by. Blood stains can be permanent and may ruin your mask.

4. Get your brushes and dunk them in white paint. Apply the white paint to the mask using the brushes. Don’t worry about the top and back of the head, just be sure to cover all the other parts.

5. By now, you have long, greasy hair and a nasty, disgusting beard (since we told you let that sh*t grow uncontrollably for 3 months). Use a hair-cutting kit and do away with all of your hair and paste the hairs onto the mask (on the areas that you didn’t paint in step 4).

6. Looks like we’ve ended up with a mask that resembles the one used in Halloween: Resurrection. You can see the results in the following photo (don’t mind the person to the right wearing coveralls):

make a michael myers mask 07

7.  In this tutorial, Negative Craig added a twist to his H8 Michael Myers mask. Rather than settling for the standard Gorilla look of the H8 mask, Craig has gone further. He wanted a Michael Myers mask that looks like the one at the end of H8. That means that the mask has to look melted, electrocuted and smoky. Use a flamethrower to achieve those effects. Ignite the liquid and that’s all she wrote.

make a michael myers mask 11

8. If you’re still alive, put on some non-burned clothing and do your best to cover up your injuries. If you want a forehead crease in the mask, then fold and press the forehead together for about 10 minutes. After the mask has cooled down a bit, put it over your head and do some poses with it. Shout out to those of you who made your mask but were unable to post pics due to being hospitalized, missing, under investigation, or no longer with us.

make a michael myers mask 12

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