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Michael Myers usually keeps his pale mask squeaky clean while going about his business. However, the Myers Mask Damage series will profile instances where Michael’s mask suffered damage which made it look less than pristine. The damage ranges from minor stains to tears and holes. To start things, we’ll take a look at the Mask in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (2009).

At the beginning of the film, Myers was laid out in front of his house as the cavalry arrived. Michael’s mask had already suffered over 15 years of decay, and now it was subjected to his own blood and the elements (not to mention a car wreck).

After that night, Myers took to living as a vagabond. He drifted across vast fields and forests, battled insects and scavenged for food. Meanwhile, he kept his sweaty Mask inside one of his many coat pockets or in his sleeping bag (that can’t be good for latex – how’s the mask gonna keep its shape? He should’ve at least stuffed the mask with plastic bags and powdered it once in a while). Among the sleeping bag’s other contents were (possibly) a hair brush, beard-trimming kit and products for the treatment of hair lice.

When Michael put his Mask on to off some hillbillies, the Mask looked to be in fair shape. All the hair was there; there were no bald spots. What’s more, the hair styled itself automatically once Myers put it on. Many hair-strands had become intertwined with each other. The scars and damage from the previous film were all there. Of note are some holes in the forehead area.

It was implied that Myers received orders from his mom’s ghost to close down the Rabbit in Red Lounge for good. Big Lou tried his best to fend off Myers from destroying his business. In these scenes, the mask’s hair looks puffier than before.

Misty The Stripper took off as the two men battled it out. She was a brave soul – she ran off without putting any clothes on. When Myers found her, Misty reached up to his mask. She inserted her clean-as-a-whistle nails into Michael’s mask and flesh. After some wet squishy sounds, she pulled off almost half of his mask. Not only was Myers’ mask damaged beyond repair, but he now probably has herpes as well (from Misty).


As if that weren’t enough damage for the mask (a gaping hole; herpes infection), it also suffered a gunshot at the film’s climax. Michael’s blood gushed out onto the mask. Then, Scout Taylor-Compton ended up stabbing Myers in the face (causing more damage to the mask).

Finally, Laurie thought it appropriate to wear Michael’s mask when she left the shack. This means that her blood, sweat, tears and hair oil also got onto the mask (not to mention, Laurie might have also contracted herpes like her brother. It’s not only Evil that runs in the family now).